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Reflecting on Five Years

matt five year

I’ve always preached from a music stand. In February five years ago in my basement, it was no different. Each time, I stand up, dependent and scared. What will God do?...

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Peace City Church Update

Peace City announcement

During the past two years, Lisa and I have spent a lot of time in the Riverdale neighborhood—engaging, serving, and sharing the gospel. We’ve battled bedbugs, loneliness, and discouragement, but by God’s grace we've gotten to know so many neighbors from many nations, have shared the gospel several times, which led to three salvations!...

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Confess + Obey

sticky notes

Is your faith vibrant and alive? It's time to investigate our faith for evidence of authentic transformation. On Sunday, we threw up red flags in areas we needed to confess and obey. The Elders and Staff have been praying for each of you, one sticky at a time....

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Tragedy in Orlando


In the early hours of Sunday morning, June 12, a horrific act of violence took place at a night club in Orlando, Florida. When tragedy strikes it is often difficult to have the right words and actions in response. It is in times like these, as Christians, we must hold tightly to the truth of Scripture....

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Christ and Culture Series


Are you a Democrat or Republican? Is abortion wrong in every circumstance? Do you side with "Black Lives Matter" or "All Lives Matter?" Is same sex marriage okay? How does following Jesus impact our thoughts on any of this? Should it?...

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Year End Reflection


One thing that is easy to skip is reflection, but it is one of the most important aspects of leadership. We need to slow down and take time to think about our year and set a few goals for the new year....

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When a CG Member Never Shows Up


This one guy never showed up to Community Group gatherings. I didn’t get it because I’d talk to him on Sundays and he was always positive when talking about Community Group. But why was he always a no-show?...

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Creating a Third Space


You’ve probably heard the term “third place” before. Starbucks used the concept in their marketing strategy. A third place was another space to frequent besides your work and your home. This third place is somewhere to find refuge and a sense of place....

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Work Talk to Gospel Talk


Whether it’s chatting over coffee, happy hour, playtime at the park or dinner, one thing is almost certain when spending time with people: you talk about what you do. Here is one simple way to take a conversation on work and lead it towards the gospel....

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Q&A - Week 1

During our One Story series, we will do online Q&A's each week to supplement your study of the OT as you follow along the Summer Bible Reading Plan. I encourage you to stick with the reading plan and ask questions that arise in your 3D groups and Community. Reading the Scriptures ought to be an individual and communal activity.  To Submit Questions: Each week you...

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